We teach transferable skills

Our program is not just designed to teach you the internal martial arts styles of Wing Chun, Tai Chi, Tong Bei, and Bagua. Through our teaching methodologies you will develop greater control of your body, better body alignment, relaxation, connection to the ground, and whole body unity.  You’ll know how to generate power and will gain greater sensitivity.

The skills you gain from your practice will allow your body to perform at its optimum in any physical activity that you perform.   Whether you are someone who wants to be good at martial arts, someone wanting to move through life with fewer injuries or are a professional football player in the NFL, you will see results.

  • Sensitivity
  • Root / Connection to the ground
  • Structure
  • Balance
  • Body alignment
  • Strength and short range power generation
  • Graceful whole body movement / Body mechanics
  • Flexibility