• Dear Carl, I want to thank you for the best couple years. I can honestly say I’ve never met anyone quite like you. Its hard to put into words the effect you’ve had on me, but I know for the rest of my life when a problem arises I’ll ask myself, “What would Sifu do?, How would Carl handle this situation?” etc… I’ve seen the way you deal with people and how you handle different situations and this too has been inspirational, not to mention your skill level, which to me borders on magic. I know that you would not have achieved your present skill without a true passion for your art and an open mind. Because of these things you will continue to grow. If I study Martial Arts in the future it will be with you or someone from our lineage. At the present time I need to focus in different directions. Lastly, thanks for your wisdom and understanding and for being so evolved!
    ~Rob King

  • Thank you for letting me come up to the Cleveland classes, and for bringing Ken up so I have a chance to meet him. you have been a great help to me.  Thank you.

    Carl, I really appreciate you giving me (and Steve too) the chance to participate in the classes each week and your patience. it is really great that you brought Ken to Cleveland. Thanks.

    Thanks for being so open and generous with me. Thanks for bringing Ken to Ohio to experience him and get to meet him on a regular basis in person. Thanks for being the greatest teacher.  Yours Truly.


  • Dear Carl,

    Thank you for organizing the performance by at the Great Lakes Science Center on as part of the Kulas Performing Arts Series celebrating the traveling exhibit China: 7000 Years of Discovery.

    The series was a huge success! Over 1,100 Science Center guests enjoyed a variety of nine different performances over nine weekend days from Saturday, July 19th through Sunday, August 17th. Guests were educated and entertained in a unique performance venue through a diverse selection of Asian dance, music, and martial arts presentations.

    We appreciate your hard work and dedication to this performance series and thank you for donating your time
    and talent for our visitors. Your energy and enthusiasm both entertained and inspired the audience throughout the performance.

    Thank you again for being a part of this valuable supplemental programming for our Science Center visitors!


    Julie Mistur
    Technology Area Specialist, Public Programs

  • Dear Carl,

    A few thoughts about you:

    Your ambition, already great, is more than what you want for yourself. You help those around you envision what they could achieve.

    Your powerful drive takes you down any path you choose. You offer a high standard for us to follow.

    Your honesty scared me at first; how rare to meet someone who is exactly who they seem to be. Because of you, I know how hard the future will be, and I trust your belief in me.

    Your kindness embraces your generosity and patience. These qualities bridged the gap between us. They help me be gentler to myself and fill me with joy when I’m with you.

    Thank you for sharing yourself with me. I’m honored with your company and sometimes overwhelmed with your intensity. I look forward to learning from you over the years.



  • ~Shannon

  • Hey Carl,

    Just wanted to say thank you for making time to work out with me today. Every time you push me like that I always get stronger.. more determined..

    I don’t know if you have any idea how much stronger I’ve become over the last year. The way you’ve challenged me has forced me to start thinking.. and I know I have a long way to go.. but I’m finally starting to trust my mind.. I owe you a huge debt for that.

    I remember when I first started tai chi and you showed us the sword form twice.. then said ” ok do as much as you know”.. and I would always watch someone else.. someone who was” smarter.. more focused… better able to remember”. You saw me doing that and you said ” Steve don’t watch them… trust yourself”. That is the best thing anyone could have said to me. In 21 years I don’t recall anyone ever saying that to me.

    I know I’m just beginning, but I look forward to every challenge now.. because I know I’m capable of overcoming them. Thank you for encouraging that.

    See you Saturday,