Our teaching methodology is one of a kind

Our goal is to produce high level students as quickly as possible. The student’s goal is to grow in these areas with the forms or tools he or she is shown:

  • control the body
  • more flexibility
  • whole body unity
  • strength and power generation
  • relaxation
  • sensitivity
  • root or greater connection to the ground

There is no belt system. The teaching methodology is to watch the student as he or she moves, and to feel them during sensitivity drills to see how they are developing. Then in turn to know when he is getting close to having the concept or concepts ingrained in his body. Then and only then can we add new concepts, forms or movements to develop the person more.

The mistake is not to be patient and to add new concepts before students have actually developed the previous ones. In doing so they will never be able to learn and apply the future concepts because of the lack of foundational skills.

It is the students’ responsibility to spend the appropriate time developing concepts the teacher tells them that they need.  When mistakes are pointed out, the student should use all of his mental and physical energy to correct them so that in turn he can progress.

The brilliance of the teaching methodology is that the teacher’s eyes and touch are calibrated to see and feel mistakes.  Identifying the students mistakes instantly will help them to progress as quickly as possible.

The students’ goal is to become good at whereever they are at in the system or whatever forms they are working on. The more they practice what they are working on, the quicker the teacher can fix their mistakes and advance them.