We train with the best martial arts teachers

Imagine if you could learn guitar from Eddie Van Halen or learn to play basketball from Michael Jordan. Surrounding yourself with exceptional teachers will take your skill to a higher level and get you there faster. Immortal Palm has taken the time to seek out teachers that are the best at what they do and our lineages are very strong.

  • Master Kenneth Chung (1991-2010)

    Leung Sheung Wing Chun

    Master Chung has been doing Wing Chun for over 40 years!

    Kenneth Chung from Hong Kong studied from Leung Sheung for approximately 10 years, and ended up becoming his best student. Leung Sheung was Yip Man’s first disciple and actually lived with Yip Man for 6 years. Leung Sheung had 20 years of martial art experience before he met Yip Man and is considered to be the best of Yip Man’s students.

    Kenneth Chung is possibly the best in the world at Wing Chun and has a very high level of skill in sensitivity, root or connection to the ground and close range power. Ken is one of the smartest persons I have ever met; he is the most precise in his touch and movement. We are forever grateful for all that Ken gives!

  • Master Jack Ling

    Leung Sheung Wing Chun
  • Grandmaster Chen Qingzhou (1995 to present)

    Chen Style Tai Chi & Lao Jia  •  http://www.nnrs.org/cqzma.htm

    Chen Qingzhou from Henan province in China, is the 19th generation standard lineage holder for Chen Tai Chi. He teaches Lao Jia, the old style of Chen Tai Chi, which is approximately 500 hundred years old and is the foundation for all other forms of Tai Chi.

    Master Chen is the only disciple of Chen Zhaopai that refused to change or alter the old system when forcibly approached by the Chinese government. He stood his ground and we are very thankful for that. Chen Qingzhou is considered to be one of the 12 living treasures of China, by the Chinese government. He is also considered to be one of the top 10 Chen stylists in the world and is considered to be the best in the world at being able to neutralize someone’s force or energy.

    Chen Qingzhou studied from the very famous Chen Zhaopai who taught in Beijing and had 17 undefeated challenge matches, Chen Qingzhou has had approximately 10,000 students.

    Master Chen has been doing Chen style for over 60 years!

  • Master Chen Youze

    Chen Style Tai Chi & Lao Jia
  • Grandmaster Victor Sheng Long Fu (1994 to present)

    Fu Style Bagua & Tai Chi  •  http://www.fustyle.com/

    Victor Sheng Long Fu from Canton China studied from his father, who studied from his father. Victor Fu’s grandfather, FU CHEN SUNG was one of the famous five northern tigers the government of China sent to southern China to spread martial arts. (Please read more about Fu CHEN SUNG in other article on web site.) Victor Fu’s father practiced martial arts for 75 years. Victor Fu started when he was 4. To see Victor Fu move with great power and finesse is really quite amazing. Fu style martial art centers on basic training exercises to train the waist and the connection to the ground; it then teaches you how to move in complex ways with great basics and precise control and power.

    Master Fu has been doing Fu style for over 50 years!

  • Master Eddie Chong

    Leung Sheung Wing Chun
  • Master Nick Gracenin

    Leung Sheung Wing Chun
  • Master Bow Sim Mark

    Fu Style Bagua & Tai Chi
  • Master Gu Yun

    Tong Bei Quan
  • Zhang Yun

    Tong Bei Quan