We have five principles at the heart of what we do

It is our intention to:

  1. Have a great relationship with our teachers for the rest of our and their lives and to periodically see our teachers and have them refine everything we are working on.
  2. Promote and carry on:
    • Wing Chun Kung Fu from masters Jack Ling, Kenneth Chung, Eddie Chong
    • Chen Tai Chi, Lao Jia from masters Chen Qing Zhou, Chen Youze
    • Fu Bagua from masters Victor Fu, Nick Gracenin, Bow Sim Mark
  3. Work as hard and focused as possible every day, constantly striving to be more precise in our structure, position, intent, touch, and movement. (10 forms a day, 3,650 per year; 20 forms a day, 7,300 per year; over 10 years, 36,500 to 73,000 forms)
  4. Find serious students who are smart and stable enough to stick with it for a long time, and develop good relationships with them; to produce in our serious students high level martial artists in the quickest time possible.
  5. Develop a community of martial artists who support and encourage each other to get as good as possible and to be as kind as possible; not only to be able to fight well, but to have a high level of morality as well.