We are always looking for serious people to train. We are not looking for thugs, but for people who like to fight in a ring or want to fight in a ring or just want to study martial arts for the fighting aspects.

We want to meet and talk with you ASAP. We know that we can help you improve your posture, connection to the ground, power generation, body structure and your precision. We can teach you how to neutralize the energy from your opponent and also how to generate much more power by using your lower body more precisely. Just like tuning up your car so it runs better, in terms of getting more power, sometimes it is not about more, but instead using what you have more efficiently.

Much of what we do is based on martial drills that are 200-400 years old. We do not teach techniques; instead we develop your body by doing certain drills that teach you to use your whole body and the ground together. With the lower body producing the power and the waist directing the power, you will be amazed at what you can do.

If this sounds interesting at all, please visit our find a school page and find an instructor in your area. We are very serious about our training and we are looking for others to help train. We offer private and group lessons and encourage you to come and try a class so that we can show you how this could help you in many ways.

What if we could help you be even 10% more precise in your body usage?