ATHLETES – Men, Women, older or younger

Whether you are a professional athlete, a college or high school athlete or and older athlete, we want to meet and talk to you.

We know that if you make certain improvements in your posture, alignment and structure of your body as well as your mind control; that your skill in sports will increase or be raised to a higher level.

We can teach you to get more out of what you already have. We have helped over a thousand students improve certain key aspects of their body structure, connection to the ground and force usage and generation. We can also help you learn to have greater concentration and to control your mind better.

Basically think of your body and mind in terms of a car. If you are an athlete then it is a sports car more or less. The body is the frame and the engine; the mind is the electrical and computer aspects. We know how to train you to take these components to a higher level. It is just like getting more horse power out of your engine, or if you have an older car, getting a tune up. Most of the time as an athlete you are trained in endurance and strength. We can train you to be at your optimum. To be at your optimum can help in many ways: to reduce injury, to perform at a higher level, or to be able to stay competitive longer.

If you enjoy sports you may just like internal martial arts, especially as you see all that the practice has to offer. You can learn how to relax and lower your stress, and how to use your whole body from the ground up. Practicing internal martial arts will teach you to have a great connection to the ground, enabling you to generate force and to produce lots of power out to your hands. It teaches you how to use your waist to control your whole body. Internal martials arts teach you to be very precise and actually get your body to really listen to you. And the power generation can be very exciting!

Sounds different? It is, as much of what we do is 200-400 years old and from some very high level masters. We have a great training methodology that enables us to train and develop anyone to a higher level.

We are so certain of this that we guarantee it, if after 6 months of training you have not made substantial progress, we will refund your fees.

If this sounds interesting at all, please visit our find a school page and find an instructor in your area. We are very serious about our training and we are looking for others to help train. We offer private and group lessons and encourage you to come and try a class so that we can show you how this could help you in many ways.

What if we could help you be even 10% more precise in your body usage?