Tai Chi Classes

Tai chi is a 500 year old martial art based on relaxed circular movements. Its training principals are the same as wing chun: root, structure and sensitivity. Tai chi forms are primarily comprised of slow fluid movements intermingled with moments of explosive energy generated by the whole body. By being relaxed you can sense and neutralize your opponents attack and lead him to a compromised position. It is from this position that whole body force is employed into a strike, break or throw.

There are several weapons forms to learn as well: spear, tai ji sword, sabre, big stick. These weapon skills directly relate to empty hand skills by extending intent and refining body position. Despite a common misconception that tai chi is for old people, this martial art was designed for battlefield combat and has a relaxed yet vicious intent. So whether you’re looking for martial skill or health and well being, tai chi encompasses all of these things and has something to offer to anyone willing to train.