What does it take to get good at internal martial arts?

August 3rd, 2013

Our desire is to produce the highest quality of martial arts in you in the shortest time, but we need your help. We see many people come and go. Most really want to learn, they just do not have the habits to stick with something long enough to get good, they are too results oriented. We want to point out a few things that we hope will help you stay with it, as in the end this is the one thing that will make you good, STAYING WITH IT.

What it takes to get good at martial arts:

  1. Come to martial arts class on a regular basis, twice a week works well. MAKE SURE YOU SHOW UP ON A REGULAR BASIS (But the more you come the faster you will grow).

  2. Practice on your own every day for 10 to 60 minutes, depending on how long you have been training. Just make sure you practice everyday.

  3. Try to read about martial arts and watch videos of our teachers.

  4. Attend seminars with our teachers.

  5. Do private lessons.

There are no secrets, your level depends on how diligent and how hard you practice and if you have a competent teacher.

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