How long does it take to get good at internal martial arts?

August 3rd, 2013

BE PATIENT as true martial arts are a lifelong pursuit, all serious practitioners are lifelong students!

Do not let expectations dominate your thoughts. Instead focus on the time you put into it, knowing that the more time you train the more you will improve.

When you find yourself asking how long this is going to take, put in more time. And learn not to have any thought of how long it is going to take…enjoy the journey.

As most people are very busy, it will help if you make a habit of getting up earlier to workout. As you train more you will in turn need less sleep, so you will be able to get up earlier and put in the required time.

Beginners should be patient, be calm in your mind and practice according to the rules. The improvement will come gradually and cannot be rushed or achieved by taking shortcuts.


Time Frames based on coming to class 2x a week and you practicing on your own:

First 6 months getting more control in/of your body
1 year slight amount of skill
2 to 3 years intermediate level
4 to 5 years advanced intermediate level
6 to 7 years beginning expert (Just stick with it, there are no secrets, only hard work!)