Leadership committed to producing high quality martial arts students

Immortal Palm and it’s affiliated schools are lead by Carl Dechiara of Immortal Palm Cleveland in Cleveland, OH.  Carl has more than 35 years of continuous training and is able to share many secrets of the arts that can enable anyone to move to a higher level of martial skill in terms of structure, reaction and effectiveness.

Everything that Immortal Palm teaches has been hand selected by Carl Dechiara and strategically incorporated into the program based on the purpose it serves.  Carl has worked out with martial arts teachers nationally and internationally, and he has devoted countless hours of watching instructional martial arts videos to examine everything that is out there.  All of his research and time training in the martial arts has brought him to what he is teaching today.   All the styles you will study and weapons you will use add something unique to your development as a martial artist and will get you to a higher level of martial arts as quickly as possible.

Carl takes his insights from his unique journeys into China, and apprenticeships to many Grandmasters of the Chinese Martial Arts.  He will inspire you to new heights and leave you with a greater excitement about your martial arts practice no matter where you are in your journey.