Martial Arts Football Program - A revolutionary football fighting system!

What if you could absorb ten pounds more force and you were able to feel it , the direction, the energy… and then you were able to redirect it?  How much better would you or your football team be if they were much more precise in their ability to tell when and where to hit?   What if we could give your quarterback an extra two seconds? What if our Martial Arts Football Program could make your football players even 10% better? A ten minute meeting with us could revolutionize your football team.

Martial Arts Football Program

Carl Dechiara of Immortal Palm Internal Martial Arts Association can teach your players to use a higher percentage of the skills that they already have without taking away from what they are already doing.  The Martial Arts Football Program will not contain additional drills to tire them out.  Carl Dechiara has accumulated over 30,000 hours of practice and over 35 years practicing under some of the best martial arts teachers you can find in the United States and China.  He is an expert in body alignment, body mechanics, connection to the ground, and the generation, neutralization, and redirection of force.

What you will learn in the Immortal Palm Martial Arts Football Program

Your football players already have the strength and athleticism.  Carl Dechiara can fine tune your football players through our Martial Arts Football Program by teaching them how to:

1. Have greater sensitivity to force.

Sensitivity is your players ability to interpret force when they touch an opponent.  They will learn to better interpret the direction and amount of energy coming at them and how to respond appropriately without thought.  Players will quickly adapt and react making them better at handling their opponents and more difficult for their opponent to handle them.

2. Have better structure.

Having a better structure and connection to the ground will mean that it will require more force for your opponent to move you.  The more force your opponent uses to push on you, the more force that you can absorb, borrow and redirect.  Being able to use your opponents force means less energy your players need to expend.

3. Generate much more power.

By learning how to connect to the ground and use it to issue power, you can deliver much more force within a short amount of space.  Power will be concentrated and delivered to a precise part of the body.  With a solid structure behind that force you’ll have much harder hits, and increased ability to intimidate other players.

4. Control and neutralize opponent’s force

Utilizing sensitivity and structure you’ll learn how to take control of an opponent and dissipate an opponent’s energy or force.

5. Faster touch re-actions.

The moment you touch the other player, you are more aware of everything. Instantaneously, you can tell whether they are giving too much or two little force and in what direction they are moving or want to go.   You’ll be able to precisely identify weaknesses in their structure and connection to you, and take advantage of their mistakes more quickly and efficiently.

Overall Benefits of the Immortal Palm Martial Arts Football Program

Offensive Benefits

  • More time for the quarterback
  • Better control at the line

Defensive Benefits

  • More sacks and more pressure on the quarterback.
  • Better at stopping the run.
  • Better control at the line

Contact us about the Martial Arts Football Program

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